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Commit 393abb86 authored by karthik shathiri's avatar karthik shathiri

Update stamp-detection.ipynb

parent f44dbab6
......@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@
"source": [
"from src.model_package_arns import ModelPackageArnProvider\n",
"# Can only be deployed in us-east-2 for now.",
"modelpackage_arn = ModelPackageArnProvider.get_model_package_arn("us-east-2)\n",
"# Can only be deployed in us-east-2 for now.\n",
"modelpackage_arn = ModelPackageArnProvider.get_model_package_arn('us-east-2')\n",
"print(\"Using model package arn \" + modelpackage_arn)"
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